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Everything You Need To Master The Short Game - Learn The Wedge Play Secrets That I Teach To PGA Pros

Introducing Short Game Mastery

Short Game Mastery is a 5 week implementation & mentorship program that teaches you how to hit your wedges like the best on the PGA Tour in 30 days.

Your level of experience does not matter. Everything you need is provided step-by-step in this training & mentorship program.

If you follow the program, you will see results. 

Who Is James Sieckmann?

James Sieckmann has been recognized by Golf Digest as the #1 Short-Game Coach in America for the past 6 years straight.

In 2018, he was named the National PGA Teacher of the Year.

He's coached 100+ PGA Tour players on how to improve and master their short game.

Who Is James Sieckmann?

James Sieckmann has been recognized by Golf Digest as the #1 Short-Game Coach in America for the past 6 years straight.

In 2018, he was named the National PGA Teacher of the Year.

He's worked with more than 100+ PGA Tour players to help them improve and master their short game.

Here's What My Students Are Saying...

Ben Crane (5x PGA Tour Winner)

"I came to James really struggling with my wedge play, and it took me all of 2 minutes of working with him to know that I had found my short-game coach. He's saved me 1 stroke a round and on the PGA Tour, that is insane. Trust me on this one, you want him to be your coach too!"

Tom Pernice (6x PGA Tour Winner)

"I've been so fortunate to work with him the past 25 years. He has such a strong understanding of the fundamentals of putting, pitching, chipping, controlling the distance on your wedges. He's made a huge difference in my career. That's for sure. A ton of credit and kudos to him."

Brad Faxon
(8x PGA Tour Winner)

"Nobody has dedicated as much time to the short game as James Sieckmann. He will conclusively show you what the greatest short game players have in common and how you can improve your technique, both physically and mentally."

Stewart Cink
(8x PGA Tour Winner)

"James, I work with more on short game and putting, but I've also asked him to take a look at my driver before. He tweaked my ball position and helped the way I load my backswing into my bigger muscles more effectively."

Dave Phillips 
(Co-Founder of TPI)

"James is trusted by the best players in the world because he makes a complex subject simple and he knows how to evaluate what is really affecting your short game. This program will help lower your scores, period."

Mike Adams
(Golf Magazine Top #100 Instructor)

"James Sieckmann is the number one short-game teacher in the world. If you're serious about improving your short-game, you need to be in this program. The information is revolutionary and the antidotes for every problem are presented in a way that every level of player can understand.

Terry McGuirk
(CEO of the Atlanta Braves)

"The short game is so important for the senior player, and when I use James' techniques on the course, other players often ask me what I'm doing that allows such precision with ordinary shots. It's breakthrough stuff that will make such a big difference to your game."

Camilo Villegas
(4x PGA Tour Winner)

"He's such a positive individual. James not only knows and is great about the teaching the technique, but the mental side of the game as well. And in the game of golf, that's so critical."

Program Content

In just 30 days I'll help you master the short game, here's how...

Module 1 - The Finesse Wedge System

  • ​The exact techniques used by the best wedge players in the world inside 120 yards
  • ​Why even hard-working, talented players often fail to improve their short games (Hint: It's not for lack of effort)
  • ​The five fundamentals of my Finesse Wedge System and how to use them to produce consistent, solid contact
  • ​The most common flaws I see in finesse wedge play, and the exact drills I use to fix them as quickly as possible
  • Most players spend their entire lives watching their favorite tour pros on TV, wondering how they got so good. I'll show you exactly why they're the best in the world, and why their mechanics make them great.

Module 2 - Distance Wedge Mastery

  • ​The three key ways in which your distance wedge swing should differ from your full swing
  • ​How to control distance, spin, and trajectory to start playing offense instead of defense on those "in-between" wedges
  • ​The "Pelvic Punch Drill" and how you can use it to start hitting perfect draws and fades just like the pros
  • ​How to stick flags in ANY condition (no matter how bad the lie or the wind is)
  • ​​Many players spend their entire careers constantly feeling like their wedge technique is out of whack. I'll show you how to dial this in within your first 14 days in this program.

Module 3 - Tour Techniques For Bunker Play

  • ​​The secret to great bunker play and why it's likely not something you were ever exposed to growing up
  • ​My favorite drill to teach players how to hit high-flying, ultra-soft bunker shots just like Seve Ballesteros himself
  • ​The techniques I used to help three of my tour clients to rank within the Top-10 in sand saves in one season
  • ​The most common mistakes I see players make when hitting out of the bunker & how to fix them fast
  • ​Tour pros can make bunker play look easy, but for most weekend golfers this can be a nightmare. I'll give you the blueprint for mastering this part of your game so you can start executing with confidence out of the sand in no time.

Module 4 - Training Like A Pro

  • How to train smarter and more effectively than 99% of golfers you know while avoiding common roadblocks
  • ​The exact training plan I use with my pros to help them dominate from 120 yards and in
  • ​The drills you need to be doing (and how often you should be doing them) in order to improve as quickly as possible
  • ​The three most common performance pitfalls that I see victimize golfers and how to avoid them
  • ​It's not enough just to know what good wedge technique looks like, we also need to how to put it into action. I'll give you the same step-by-step training plan that I give to my pros so that it's all nearly impossible for you NOT to improve.

Module 5 - Mental Keys to Elite Performance

  • How to develop a championship mentality, and why good mechanics on their own are simply not enough
  • ​How to maintain your focus for 4-5 hour rounds and avoid crippling blow up stretches
  • ​How to stabilize your emotions, consistently play better golf, and have more fun in the process
  • ​These are the things that your swing coach is not teaching you. I'll get you up to speed on how the top players in the world approach the short game from both the physical and mental side in just a matter of weeks.

Here's A Summary Of Everything You Get

As a member of this program, I'll be providing you with everything you need to be successful:

Short Game Mastery

  • 5-module online training program
  • ​Swing review and live Q&A's via Facebook and email
  • ​Private Facebook community with additional exclusive content
  • ​Lifetime access to all future updates
  • ​Login from anywhere at anytime from your phone or computer

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the program? Check out our frequently asked questions and answers:

How do I know that this will work for me?

I've been teaching the game of golf for 25+ years now, and have worked with every type of player you can imagine.

The beauty of the short game is that the best players in the world from 120 yards and in all have the same underlying mechanics that allow them to be so successful.

Once you learn these patterns and underlying principles, you'll never look at finesse wedges or distance wedges the same way ever again.

And once you apply them, your mechanics will become more efficient than almost all of the players you're playing against and alongside, no matter what level you play at.

What am I getting access to by joining?

You'll be receiving access to the Short Game Mastery training modules, feedback on your swing, and access to the private Short Game Mastery community where I breakdown swings and provide advice on technique.

In other words, you'll immediately be getting access to everything you need to master the short game as quickly as possible.

How much does this cost?

$297 for lifetime access to the training material and feedback on your swing.

What if I want a refund?

I offer a 30-day action based results guarantee. You can read the full refund policy here.

The point of the policy is to give people a chance to use the system, and if it doesn't work after they have implemented everything, they can get their money back.

If you go through the program, implement everything, and still don't see results, I'll refund 100% of your investment in full.

What if I have questions?

Members of this program will receive access to my private Facebook group, where you can submit video of your swing for my review.

Additionally, you'll have the ability to reach out over email for anything you're not comfortable asking there.
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Disclaimer: Results may vary independent on many factors including athletic ability, practice time, discipline, and ability to follow directions. Developing a high level swing requires discipline, consistent effort, and mindfulness. If you're not willing to accept that, this is not for you.